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Valerius is a World of Warcraft Alliance guild on the EU Bronze Dragonflight/Nordrassil server. It was founded as a merger between The Defiance and The Wisdom of Fools in late 2006 and moved here from Thunderhorn. Although casual in it's foundations we are a committed raiding guild and had success in TBC's 25-man raids - we cleared SCC & TK before patch 3.0 and MH up to Archimonde, successful boss kills in BT, and we even managed to get about a dozen bear mounts for our members in ZA. In WotLK we killed the Lich King, in Cataclysm we cleared Firelands and heroic Dragon Soul. In Mists, we completed all raids on normal difficulty and were 4/14 SoO mythic. In Draenor, we cleared all normals, all HM and HFC heroics, and had started HFC mythic.

Mission statement

We value kindness, fair play, and respect for others over loot or in-game success. Our policies work toward ensuring a positive environment in which everyone can enjoy the fruits of our labour. We encourage members to collaborate and be helpful. The guild website is a great tool for scheduling events and seeking folks to help with quests and the like. Officers also welcome feedback from guild members in game or through posts on the website. We do ask that website discussion be kept respectful and mature.

Valerius is recruiting; there are tools on this website to make an application, or you can approach a guild member online for more details.

Current Progression

1/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare, 3/3 Normal Trial of Valor